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Sunlink pv with SolarEdge System can increase the system energy production up to 25%

Sunlink Pv whith SolarEdge power upgrade

Up to 25% than a normal Pv panel

Up to 25% more energy low-maintenance SafeDC - DC Extraordinary Reliability Learn more...

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PV Products Warranty

We will guarantee the percentage of specified power output of the PV Modules:

  • 12 years from defects in materials and workmanship;
  • 12 years 90% of nominal (label indication) power output within 12 years;
  • 25 years 80% of nominal (label indication) power output with 25 years;
  • 30 years 75% of nominal (label indication) power output with 30 years;


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Sunlink Pv EPC blueprint Sunlink Pv solar tracking system blueprint

Engineering, Planning and Construction

EPC Support

Over the past 10 years SunLink's operations, a number of small to medium end customers have inherently needed to source additional components in order to complete their solar PV installations, in turn handing over the necessary components to installers to complete their system.

It is inevitably tough work to get all the essential components together for private, commercial or industrial projects and to maintain the highest profit ratio possible. Dealing with Banks, Electricity Utilities and Governments is always further challenging, especially with timed reductions in rebates and higher Feed-in-Tariffs.

With highly professional and experienced Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) teams, SunLink PV provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to its customers worldwide. Turn-key solutions are provided with a complete spectrum of services from viability studies to commissioning.

SunLink PV, through its many global EPC partners provide a complete, ready-to-go service for solar power projects, from small rooftop installations to larger ground-mounted systems. Assistance is also provided from finding suitable sites for large investors as well as calculating profitability, arranging technical due diligence, through to the management of the solar plant’s installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance.

SunLink provides a one-stop solution for the complete life cycle of solar projects. Everything from profit reporting, system configuration, project planning and installation. Furthermore, additional operational management, ongoing maintenance schedule, monitoring and optimization are included. Where needed, finance and insurance options are also available. SunLink PV thus ensures that for ready-to-operate systems for investors, estimated yield forecasts in profit reporting will actually be reached.

SunLink PV Research Centre

We help you in every steps

SunLink PVs Research and Test Center was established in 2010. Four distinct areas of innovation include materials development, product quality testing, new process optimization and the increase of module efficiencies.

SunLink PV collaborates with Wuxi National Photovoltaic Laboratory on the latest solar cell materials research. Coupled with SunLink's Advanced R & D Testing Equipment, numerous tests are completed inside SunLink's Laboratory to ensure ongoing development of solar cell technological breakthroughs. SunlLink PV is on the forefront of Research and Development into high cost-performance cell materials, high cost-performance cells, reliable high efficiency modules and intelligent building-intergrated systems. Over 16 patents from the laboratory have been declared to date.

There are 25 professional researchers in SunLink PV's R & D Centre, including 12 Solar Engineers, 5 Master Solar Technicians and 8 Senior Solar Technicians. SunLink PV's R & D Centre plays a crucial role in developing solutions to Scientific and Technological problems faced during the rapid advancement and development of the Photovoltaic Industry.


SunLink PV Research and Test Center man at work


Sunlink Pv production quality control diagram flow Sunlink flash test production area

Solar Modules Quality Control

Surpassing all international standards coupled with strict in-house quality control processes.

Ensuring the Highest Quality Standards

SunLink PV undertakes strict ISO 9001 quality control with check points at every step of the production process to facilitate conformance and alignment with an assurance of high performance, high yeild, premium solar cells. Ensuring company-wide best practices are used in all facets of operation, SunLink PV has adopted a 6S Lean Manufacturing process and utilises statistical methodology to continuously minimise cost and constantly raise the bar in delivering high quality products.

Quality Control On Every Step

  • Careful inspection is carried out on each silicon cell for both electric performance and surface colour consistency.
  • Testing is carried out on every module via a calibrated Solar Simulator to ensure minimum labeled electrical ratings for power, voltage and current.
  • Calibration on SunLink's Solar Simulator is conducted every two hours, using a Master Module.
  • Each Module is then individually sorted by current to avoid output power loss and guarantee the best possible electric output performance.
  • SunLink PV modules are made under strict ISO 9001 standards, ensuring stringent quality control during the entire module production.


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