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pv cell Sunlink PV
pv cell Sunlink PV
pv cell Sunlink PV

SunLink PV produces high quality mono and poly crystalline solar cells. All equipment used in SunLinkā€™s manufacturing process has been designed and supplied from industry leading photovoltaic suppliers such as Centrotherm AG, Applied Materials and JRT Photovoltaic.

SunLink PV applies the latest in PV research technology to develop solar cells of the highest efficiency, thus keeping in tune with advanced levels in the PV industry. To continually break the boundaries of solar technology, SunLink PV never stops working to develop optimum cell solutions for specific requirements. Constantly pushing the boundaries to meet customer expectations.

SunLink succeeds with reliable solar cells that guarantee excellent energy output.

SunLink PV solar cell features:

  • Uniformity alkaline or acidic texture.
  • Uniformity and high-quality p-n junction.
  • Enhanced blue spectra response and high passivation SiN reflectivity coating.
  • Silver-aluminium back contact strips.
  • Full-coverage aluminium back contacts with back surface field.
  • Silver front contacts.

pv cell Sunlink PV

Solar Cells Quality Control

Surpassing all international standards coupled with strict in-house quality control processes.

SunLink PV has stringent check points at every step of the production process bringing ensuring to our quality control vision. To ensure the highest of quality is maintained, a range of advanced testing and analysis equipment is in place to ensure all quality control points are precise and accurate;

Sunlink WT-2000 from Semilab Rt for advanced measurement of SunLink cells. Four-Point Probe Model 280SI from Four Dimensions Inc for minority carrier life measurement analysis.  Ellipsometers SE400adv from SENTECH Instruments GmbH for Sheet resistance measurements. SYN MS203 from Shanghai for resource material inspecting for SiN coating thickness and reflectivity measurements.

SunLink PV has adopted a 6S Lean Manufacturing process and use statistical methodology to continuously minimize cost and constantly raise the bar to deliver high quality products.


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