Putting the Sun to Work on the Farm

Solar Pv style Greenhouse applications

Abstract: The major advantages for using solar PV systems are: (a) the customer is the owner of his or her own power-generating system, (b) no billing for charges occurs, (c) electricity is generated for more than 20 years without any traditional fuels, (d) no fuel cost is involved, (d) solar PV systems are durable, (e) the systems are suitable for any part of the country (e.g., underserviced areas), (f) no noise pollution is generated, and (g) the production of power is environmentally friendly.

Sunlink Pv Solar water pump use for watering cow

Existing solar Pv Applications in Rural

Rural electrification
  • Power supply to remote villages
  • Battery-charging stations
Water pumping
  • Pumping for drinking water
  • Pumping for irrigation
  • Water Purification
Health-care system
  • Lighting in rural clinics.
  • Vaccine refrigeration.
  • Blood storage refrigeration.
  • Remote TV and radio receivers
  • Remote weather measuring
  • Mobile radios
  • Livestock watering
  • Irrigation pumping
  • Road sign lighting
  • Railway crossing and signals
  • Runway lighting
  • Navigation buoys
Security system
  • Security lighting
  • Remote alarm system
Income generation
  • Battery-charging stations
  • Radio, TV, and video pay stations
  • Village industry power
  • Refrigeration services
  • Electrification of rural markets

Renewable energy and farming are a winning combination, solar energy can be harvested forever, providing farmers with a long-term source of income and can be used on the farm to replace other fuels or even sold as a cash crop, it's one of the most promising and important opportunities for value-added products in agriculture.

Solar energy will be used in agriculture to save money.

Solar water heaters can provide hot water for diary operations, pen cleaning, and homes. Photovoltaics (solar electric panels) can power farm operations and remote water pumps, light, and electric fences. Building and barns can be renovated to capture natural day light, instead of using electric light, solar power is often less expensive than extensive power lines, making the farm more economical and efficient.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have shown their potential in rural electrification projects around the world, especially concerning Solar Home Systems. With continuing price decreases of PV systems, other applications are becoming economically attractive and growing experience is gained with the use of PV in such areas as social and communal services, agriculture and other productive activities, which can have a significant impact on rural development.

PV solution is the best solution for remote agricultural need such as water pumping for crops or livestock.

PV modules produce electricity when the sun is shining but you can store the energy as water by pumping it into a tank during the day and distributing it by gravity when it is needed after dark.

In remote agricultural lands, the underground submersible solar photovoltaic water pump is economically viable and also an environmentally-friendly option as compared with a diesel generator set.

If there are adverse climatic conditions for the growth of particular plants in cold climatic zones then there is need for renewable energy technology such as greenhouses for maintaining the optimum plant ambient temperature conditions for the growth of plants and vegetables.

Review article, case study and reference

Sunlink pv panels and queens led are used for illumination in a greenhouse Sunlink pv installed over a greenhouse Sunlink Pv panels and Queens Water pump installed over a reservoir in Italy
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save electricity bill

electricity bill with and without photovoltaic

save electricity bill considering financial cost

electricity bill before and after install a Sunlink Pv system

hedge against grid electricity price hikes

save electricity bill with photovoltaic solar pumping work in Africa's rural site

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