Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump with Sunlink Pv panel for irrigation application | Queens Co. LTD
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Solar Water pump | Queens Co. LTD & Sunlink PV

The sun is the natural source of energy for an independent water supply.

Solar pumps operate anywhere that the sun shines, and the longer it shines, the more water they pump. When its cloudy, they pump less water, but often you need less water when it is cloudy.

Photovoltaic modules, the power source for solar pumping, have no moving parts, require no maintenance and last for decades. A properly designed solar pumping system will be efficient, simple and reliable.

In recent years, the cost of generating clean energy from renewable sources has decreased sharply.

The three main applicaticns for solar pumps are:

  • irrigation
  • village water supplies
  • livestock water supplies

At the same time, governments around the world are insisting that a greater proportion of energy is generated from renewable sources.

The drive to increase motor efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions has led to increasing regulation as to how energy is generated.

This is a trend that is set to continue.

Solar submersible pumping systems from Queens present a cost effective, flexible and secure water supply solution using clean energy.

power saves on energy costs and on the costs of energy infrastructure, wherever the application is installed

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