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Queens High/low Bay induction lamp
induction lamp  working
Queens induction lamp for house and office

Operating Principle

The electrodeless induction fluorescent lamp, more commonly known as an 'induction lamp", is based on Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction and possesses a structure similar to a transformer.
The energy is coupled from the primary coils to the secondary ring formed by plasma, resulting in a high luminous efficient lighting source with a long lifespan.
The innovation is that there is no electrode while the energy is coupled to the lamp through a high frequency induction magnetic field.
The buffer gas inside the lamp is excited by the magnetic field and turned into plasma. When the excited plasma atoms return to their ground state, they radiate 254nm UV light, which is converted into visible light by a triphosphor coating on the inner glass surface, much in the same manner as fluorescent lamps.
This new technology solves the problems associated with electrode-aging, resulting in a maintenance free lamp with a long lifespan.

Induction lamp working scheme


  • Long life time: Average lifetime |00.000 hours, maintenance free, suitable for long time operation
  • High lumen efficiency: 65~90 lm/W
  • High color rendering index: >80
  • Quick start: Instant start and re-strike
  • High power factor: >095
  • High-frequency operation: Comfortable, flickering free lighting for eyesight protection
  • Low Lamp Lumen Depreciation: Luminance maintenance rate 2 70% at 60,000 hours
  • Optional color temperatares: 2720-6500K
  • Constant wattage output: The lamp's output power varies within 3% with the input voltage fluctuation 10%
  • Strong adaptability: Operating ambient temperature -20°C~+50°C with enclosed fixture, lamp for 40°C available
  • Low harmonic distortion: THD<10%, meets international standard level L
  • Dimming function: Optional intelligent dimming controls
Lumen maintenance  100W induction lamp after 80Khrs running

advantages of induction lighting

The induction lighting is a new type of lamp with high lumen efficiency and long life time which meet the global low carbon emission and green lighting requirements. It saves a lot of energy and reduces the maintenance cost significantly. The applications show that the same visual effect is reached when the metal halide lamp or sodium lamp is replaced with lower-watt induction lamp. which result in high power factor. the reduced cable size. the reduced initial investment of the power line and the reduced energy.
The induction lighting has been used in many areas such as the surrounding area of Beijing Olympic Stadiums.T3 Terminal Building of BeijingAirport. Shanghai Bund Tunnel, ShanghaiVolkswagon. Shanghai General Motor, Zhengzhou Yutong Auto. Gree Electrical Appliance. workshops. garage. street and roadway. etc. A large number of applications show that the induction lighting can save more than 40% of energy than that of metal halide or sodium lighting system.The induction system and fixture are designed and manufactured in the same company for high reliability and performance.

Advantages of induction lighting

  • No electrode with 1OOK hours operation, maintenance- free. suitable for the high ceiling workshop. sports stadium. roadway and building where are difficult to access;

  • No flash with soft and gentle lighting. CRI more than 80 with good visual effect;

  • High luminance and low lamp depreciation to meet the lighting requirement within the life time;

  • Instant on and instant hot re-strike (VS long delay time of start and re-strike of HID lamps);

  • Driven by the electronic ballast with high power factor and low current to reduce the capacity of power distribution equipment(transformer and cable);

  • The dimmable range from 100% to 40% of rating to work with many types of intelligent dimmers or control systems without compromising the lighting efficiency and color rendering index to save energy.

Difficult accessible area
For example. the tunnel lighting requires no maintenance and long lifetime. The relamping has to take place once one or two years for the sodium lamp while the induction lighting does not need relamping in 10 years. The closing of the tunnel for the maintenance purpose is complicated and troublesome. The induction lighting is good for manufacturing workshop. roadway. high pole. refrigerator room etc where are difficult to access.

High performance lighting requirement area
The foodstuff. automobile assembly. machining. mechanical fabrication. electronic and textile industries requires high color rendering index and no dizzy lighting. The induction lighting is good for workshop. sports stadium. supermarket and public area.

Longtime operation requirement and frequent on & ofi' area

Instant hot re-strike requirement area

Community, park, home, architecture
The low-watt induction lighting are good for these area.

Agriculture and hydroponics
Full spectrum induction lighting is good for the vegetable and flower. The low lamp temperature reduces the lighting distance between the lamp and crop with the same or better luminance while saving energy VS HID lamp.

Classroom and library
The induction lighting is good for eyesight protection due to the features of non flash. soft and gentle lighting.

Solar lighting
The induction lighting with DC power design works with the solar panel in the street and other public lighting area to save power supply cable and energy and reduce carbon emission.

High-speed rotation machine workshop
The features of induction lighting with high CRl. high lumen. no shadow. no glare and no flickering provide a comfortable working environment for human eyes especially in high-speed rotating machine workshop.

Livestock and poultry farm
Shadowless and no flickering makes the induction lighting suitable for the farm.

guide on applications of induction luminaries

High Bay Lighting:

Induction lighting offers low maintenance for areas that are difficult to reach. such as high bays.
Recommended luminaries: GCIB series. GC27-400E. and GCZO series

Sports Stadium Lighting:

© Induction lighting features high frequency. flickering-free stable light output and is ideal for sports lighting.
Recommended luminaries: GCIB series and GC4 series.

Shopping Mall Lighting:

© Induction lamps have a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 80. which makes them ideal for color differentiation. The soft lighting creates an inviting and comfortable shopping atmosphere.
Recommended luminaries: GCIB series. MXS series. GC4 series and the series of self-ballasted low-watt induction lamp.

Courtyard, Building, and Billboard Lighting: © Lighting for Courtyards. Buildings. and Billboards:

Induction lamps vary in color based on their color temperatures. which range from 2720K to 6500K. making them ideal for courtyards. buildings. and spot lighting.
Recommended luminaries: MB-IOOE.ZY series. ZT series.

Garage and Warehouse Lighting:

© Induction lighting works with many control systems for energy conservation. The infra-red motion sensor can be used in garages and warehouses for automatic activation or dimming.
Recommended luminaries: MXZ series. MX3 series. Mx4 series. and GCI8 series.

Farm Lighting

@ The induction lamp offers no shadow. no flickering. soft and gentle lighting. which is good for indoor farm of livestock and poultry.
Recommended luminaries:TL8. GC | 8. GC27. GC28

Tunnel Lighting:

© The tunnel is always difficult to access for maintenance The induction tunnel lighting offers low maintenance due to the ultra long life span and excellent fixture design. It can be used for emergency lighting if the battery is assembled.
Recommended luminaries:TL8 series.

Roadway Lighting:

© The induction lamps in roadway lighting solve the problem of difficull accessibility maintenance due to its long Iifespan.The solar-driven roadway luminaries use the lower watt solar panel to achieve the same luminance as other types of lighting.
Recommended luminaries: ZD4 series.ZD|0 series.ZD I 2 series. ZD I 3 series.

Office Lighting:

© Induction lamps are coated with triphosphor to provide soft flickering-free lighting. creating a good work environment. in addition to contributing to improved working efficiency and being easy on the eyes.
Recommended luminaries: MQ Series.

Toll Gate Lighting:

© Induction lamps feature high lumen efficacy. superior color rendering. and soft and natural lighting in addition to their excellent energy savings. making them ideal for toll gate operation.
Recommended luminaries: MQ series.GCl8 series. and MX4 series. GC4 series.

Parking Lot Lighting:

© Induction lighting features high CRI. high lumen. soft and natural lighting and is very suitable for parking lot.
Recommended luminaries: ZG4. Z643. ZY2

Green House 81 Hydroponic Lighting

© The induction lamp with special spectrum is good for seedlings. rooting cuttings and flowering of the plants. The low lamp heat reduces the gap between the plants and the fixture which in return enhances the lighting intensity that the plant receives for growth.
Recommended luminaries: GC I3. GC27. GC28.TLB

Lumen maintenance courve for various Commercial light type
Induction VS. other common High-bay lighting tecnologies

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